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Sue Arevalo

Sue Arevalo has held an interest in health and fitness for as long as she can remember. She loves learning about how the body moves and how to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Sue earned a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and a number of fitness certifications. Fueled by her passion for helping others, she began working with The Bariatric Care Center at St. Joseph Hospital. She became actively involved with post-op patients, and became a Clinic DIrector for a sports conditioning and rehabilitation facility where she was able to help many people who were facing physical challenges affecting their daily life. Today, Sue continues to be involved helping others reach their fitness goals by teaching group fitness classes. With a beaming personality and vast experience in the industry, her classes give you the best sweat every time.

Tyler Robinson

Tyler has been in the fitness game for 13 years by teaching group classes. He believes that one of most important things about working out is that it should be fun. Tyler keeps the energy high and the smiles bright in all of his classes to keep you having fun! His music drives his class. With a mix of all genres, there’s never a dull moment with Tyler’s classes. You’ll hear everything from disco, pop, rock, motown, house and EDM. When Tyler isn’t training, he enjoys performing arts, traveling, playing piano and watching movies.

Austin Pyka

A former collegiate athlete at Chapman University, Austin Pyka won defensive player of the year in 2018. He then went on to become a high school football coach and in the meantime transformed his own body from an athletic build to a bodybuilder aesthetic in less than a year, ultimately loving the process of transforming a physique through proper diet and exercise. Because of his extensive background, his expertise is in athletic training and bodybuilding. At Inspire Fitness Studios Austin takes a comedic approach to his training style by introducing us to an alter ego named “DJ Bronson”, a highly energetic jokester who loves an electronic playlist. From time to time DJ Bronson makes an appearance in Austin’s workouts, giving you one, uniquely fun experience.

Angel Cipolla

Angel Cipolla has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. She is nationally certified in NASM, ACE and ACSM as well as Schwinn Indoor Cycling, and continues to have a passion for helping clients reach their goals through personal training. Angel has always had interest in the nutrition side of fitness, so she became a certified Precision Nutrition Coach and Weight Loss Specialist through NASM. This year, Angel is proud to announce she will have her 28th wedding anniversary. When she’s not training, Angel spends time cooking, racing 5ks, watching sports with her two sons, and catching up with friends.

Wendy Thompson

Health and fitness has always been a passion for Wendy. She received her Group Fitness certification right after high school and has been coaching in the fitness industry for 30 years. Wendy works as a medical sales professional in Cardiology and Oncology as her full-time gig. Working in the medical field has given her a deep understanding of the science behind the benefits of exercise. She knows that exercising at any age can help improve cardiovascular health and overall wellness. Wendy states: ”It’s never too late to start exercising!” and it gives her great satisfaction to witness her clients health improve.

Melodye Wintemute

Melodye loves fitness and making fitness fun. She is passionate about learning new formats staying up to date with new fitness trends and has been in the fitness industry for 25 plus years. Her certifications include, AFAA Group Fitness Primary Les Mills Body Pump, Reebok and Schwinn Cycle, Step Zumba/Zumba, Gold Silver Sneakers. and Hoopnotica. In her free time, Meleodye loves spending time with her family, going for a run with her pups, and getting down on the hula hoop. Melodye loves to escape by going boating, skiing, and off-roading. When she’s not being a complete dare-devil, Melodye loves to hang around town fooling her community into thinking she is her twin sister!

Tracey Gaither

Years of experience has made Tracey a very well-rounded trainer. Her knowledge of weight lifting goes back to her childhood where she grew up in the family gym business. An expert with weights, sculpting and building muscle are her expertise. She played 27 years of competitive soccer before a successful battle with breast cancer. And has a nice trophy case from Figure competition stages. Now, an Elite Trainer, proud vegan, and cancer THRIVER. Tracey inspires healthy living in everything she does.

Danielle Bryant

Danielle Bryant is a caring wife, a loving mother of 2, and a self-proclaimed drill sergeant fitness trainer. She has mastered the balance of tough love and good old-fashioned motivation in all her classes and training sessions. Danielle didn’t always consider herself an athlete and struggled with her self-image at one point in life. Moving forward, she leads her life with positivity, healthy habits, and fitness.


Rachel is a 500hr E-RYT yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. She has been teaching yoga for over 12 years. She received her 500 hour training through Yoga Medicine by Tiffany Cruikshank and her 200 hour training through YogaFit. She is also a certified personal trainer, health coach and has been certified in Yoga Sculpt and POP Pilates. Currently, she is working on her Master’s degree in Kinesiology and Sport Management. Rachel loves to inspire her students to work hard and loves to help everyone achieve their goals whether that be flexibility, strength, weight loss, etc. Her classes are fun and challenging at the same time. When you don’t see Rachel in the Yoga Studio she’s off at a Jui Jitsu tournament winning medals!


Nicole is a fitness fanatic with a passion for all kinds of movement! Nicole entered the fitness world over 20 years ago. She is a certified Group Fitness / Cycle instructor through Schwinn. Her knowledge, energy, and discipline come from many years of extensive dance training. Nicole wants to share her love for fitness with others who have aspirations to become a better stronger version of themselves. She has been married for 15 years with three amazing daughters who she wants to instill fitness in their lives every day as well. You’ll leave her classes feeling like you had fun but worked hard and that makes you want to come back for more. Nicole is addicted to fitness and will never quit. It’s time to let her share her addiction with you!